Tuesday, May 28, 2013


The purpose of this blog is to present the issue of whaling, whale conservation, and the cultural implications involved. Whaling has been an important conservation concern for biological, economical, and traditional reasons over the course of human history.

Determining the legitimacy in claims for whaling rights due to cultural, traditional, or simply sustainable means of harvesting is extremely difficult given the huge scope of the issue. Whales are migratory animals, inhabiting coastal and international waters.

There are no groups openly supporting unsustainable whale harvesting, so it is helpful to remove that form the conversation. Whether the different groups involved are honest and transparent in their intentions is another question. The debate between animal rights groups and pro-whaling groups is whether even sustainable whale harvesting should be legalized. This is more a moral question than a scientific one.

My goal is to provide information and present different perspectives to allow for a fair analysis of the issues